HP has announced the entry price point for it’s iPad killer: $799. For those at home, that’s $300 more than the entry level iPad. The Slate, as HP is calling it, will operate with a stylus, have 64 GB of Flash memory, and will have a 5 hour battery life.

For 64 GB, that’s about what the iPad charges; the 64 GB iPad is $699. But the Slate will not have the option of a wireless network. iPad users have the option of purchasing a 3G model through AT&T, and Verizon offers a Mi-Fi card to enable 3G connectivity. A 64 GB iPad with 3G or Mi-Fi is $829, or $30 more than Slate’s only model.

Oh yeah, and the iPad has at least a 10 hour battery life, plus that whole app store thing. Which the Slate does not have.

Which one are you going to get?

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