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Paranormal Activity 2 (R)

Just in time for Halloween, the sequel to the blockbuster surprise hit Paranormal Activity arrives in theatres to scare the pants off yet another series of audiences. The sequel actually takes place around the same time the original film did, but the focus this time is on Katie’s sister and her family, who happen to live just around the corner from Katie and Micah. When mysterious things start to happen around their house, the family is quick to brush it off. But things get stickier when a camera is put in place, and the strange happenings in their house take on a more sinister tone. Soon, these random paranormal acts begin to focus on the most innocent of victims, and the force within the house becomes something that can’t be ignored.

Midnight Showing Locations: Regal Fenway 13, AMC Loews Harvard Square 5, AMC Braintree 10, Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place

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Hereafter (R)

Matt Damon returns to the big screen this week, but instead of embarking on an action packed adventure or escaping from foes, he’s delving into the question that baffles all of human kind: where do we go when we die? In the film, Damon plays George Lonegan, just a regular guy who happens to have a strange connection with the afterlife. On the other side of the globe in France, Marie has a strange near death experience that has her questioning what comes after. And at the same time, a London student loses someone close to him and begins to walk a path that will intersect with the other character, and change all their lives. Garnering Clint Eastwood as its director, Hereafter is bound to be a riveting look at the afterlife.

Midnight Showing Location: AMC Loews Boston Common 19, and Regal Fenway 13

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