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Fox was the second most watched station of the night with Game 4 of the NLCS. 8.3 million viewers watched the Giants take the lead in the series, and the game scored a 2.7 demo rating.

Modern Family was the night’s most watched show. It averaged 12 million viewers and a 4.7 demo rating. Cougar Towndropped a little from last week, to a 3.1 rating and 7.5 million viewers. The Middle was in the middle at 8, with a 2.6 rating and 8.5 million viewers. Better with You was also in the middle, with a low 2.1 rating and 7 million viewers. At 10, The Whole Truth was pretty bad–with a 1.4 rating and 4.5 million viewers.

Consistency is the name of the game, and CBS consistently won the Wednesday hours. At 8, Survivor: Nicaragua was tops with a 3.5 rating and 12 million viewers, while at 9 Criminal Minds was a strong second with a 3.6 rating and 14 million viewers. The Defenders was a competitive, but low, third, at 10 with a 2.2 rating and 10 million viewers.

NBC was still low. Undercovers was terrible at 8, with a 1.5 rating and 5.8 million viewers, though on NBC, that’s apparently enough to get more episodes. Law and Order: SVU was middling at 9, with a 2.6 rating and 8.5 million viewers, and Law and Order: LA was up sharply from last week, to 8 million viewers and a 2.4 rating, up from a 1.9 rating.

In order, hour by hour, by adults 18-49 ratings

8 PM

Survivor: Nicaragua: 12 million viewers, 3.5 rating

NLCS Game 4: 8.5 million viewers, 2.7 rating

The Middle: 8.5 million viewers

Undercovers: 5.8 million viewers, 1.5 rating

8:30 PM

Better with You: 7 million viewers, 2.1 rating

9 PM

Modern Family: 12 million viewers, 4.7 rating

Criminal Minds: 14 million viewers, 3.6 rating

Law and Order: SVU: 8.5 million viewers, 2.6 rating

NLCS Game 4: 8 million viewers, 2.6 rating

9:30 PM

Cougar Town: 7.5 million viewers, 3.1 rating

10 PM

NLCS Game 4: 8.5 million viewers, 2.8 rating

Law and Order: LA: 8 million viewers, 2.4 rating

The Defenders: 10 million viewers, 2.2 rating

The Whole Truth: 4.5 million viewers, 1.4 rating

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  1. J. Vincenty

    The baseball commentators are so biased towards the Phillies, it is ridiculous! Can’t you provide some equal time for the Giants? I may have to turn the volume down and listen to the Giants commentators on the radio!


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