The Twilight movies have possessed the interest and passion of millions, but what are the best moments? Well, first we have to ask if we’re watching the movies to get lost in a world of true love, transcending friendship and hunky mystical creatures; or to laugh at ridiculously awkward moments, contorted expressions and corny dialogue.

Answer: to get lost.

But what scenes do we love the most in the films? Riding motorcycles, playing baseball, fighting a new born army, kissing vampires, kissing werewolves, punching werewolves, racing through Italy, crashing cars, camping out, wondering if Jacob owns a shirt, climbing like a spider monkeys, drinking Bella’s blood, having flashbacks – there’s just too many right?!

10. “I have a date with Edward Cullen” — “Twilight”

Ahhh, if only that were true, but day dreaming about changing places with Bella isn’t what makes the scene where Bella (Kristen Stewart) tells her father Charlie about her date to play baseball with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). So, what does?

Billy Burke, need I say more. Charlie earned himself an unexpected fondness in the films that he didn’t have in the books. Sure he’s that same cute, protective, humorous father from the novels, but he’s got a lot more spunk. And this moment is classic Charlie.

“He’s right outside,” Bella says. “He is?” Charlie asks, not sounding the least bit excited.

“Yeah, he wanted to meet you…officially.”

“Alright,” Charlie says, snapping his gun closed and earning a roar of laughter. “Bring him in.”

Bella hesitates. “Could you be nice? He’s important.” Charlie draws a halo over his head – love it. Then to round the scene off, “Hey,” Charlie calls as Bella leaves with Edward. “You still got that pepper spray?”

9. Jacob’s a WOLF! — “New Moon”

“What did you do? What did you do to him? He didn’t want this!” Bella screams in Paul’s (Alex Meraz) face – she really does love danger doesn’t she.

“What did we do?! What did he do?” Paul demands, already shaking to change into a wolf. “What did he tell you?”

“Nothing, he tells me nothing because he’s scared of you!”Bella yells.

Paul laughs – a bit psychotically; and Bella punches him.

Seconds later she’s running from a wolf Paul, screaming, “Run. Jake, run!”

Jacob (Taylor Lautner) jumps over the railing of his house, and…Woops – guess Jacob’s secret is out! Jacob’s transformation was a turning point of the series. Bella witnessing it helped mend their friendship, which as we all know the series couldn’t exist without.

But that’s not why this seen is so great. No, here it’s all about Bella punching a werewolf for the first, but not last, time.

8. Car Crash — “Twilight”

Aka, Bella finds out Edward isn’t exactly normal.

Bella and Edward exchange brooding and longing looks across the parking lot. Tyler’s van loses control barreling straight for Bella, but at the last moment Edward saves her.

A shocked Bella meets Edward’s horrified stare just before he flees. It’s another turning point in the film, setting Bella on the path that will lead her to that gorgeous meadow with Edward. But more than that, it’s the first of many times that Edward risks his safety for Bella.

It may be corny, but the scene is incredibly romantic. The way they stare at each other and the magnitude to which Edward shows his attachment to this fragile human steals audience’s breaths.

And of course the scene ends with one of Jasper’s (Jackson Rathbone) famous and hilarious looks of rage as he steps forward only to be restrained by Alice’s (Ashley Greene) hand.

7. The Kiss — “Twilight”

It’s hard to pick just one Edward/Bella kiss isn’t it? They’re all so great, but the first kiss is the sweetest as they say.

“How’d you get in here?” Bella asks, shifting closer to Edward on her bed.

“The window.”

“Do you do that a lot?”

A gorgeous smile from one Edward Cullen. “Just the past couple of months. I like watching you sleep. It’s, uh, it’s kind of fascinating to me.” Love that voice of his. “I just want to try one thing. Stay very still…don’t move.” Those are the words that started the most suspenseful, long and just plain hot kiss of the Twilight saga, and had women everywhere on the edge of their seats holding their breaths.

6. The All American Pastime — “Twilight”

What would Twilight be without those good old family, vampire moments? The baseball scene is packed full of small flashes that bind the movies and characters together.

With an awesome Muse song in the background, the Cullens have one cool stunt after the other. From Alice’s pitching to Edward and Emmettt’s (Kellan Lutz) midair collision to Emmettt’s tree climbing, it’s an exciting scene that will make viewers smile every time.

And of course we can’t leave out Rosalie’s (Nikki Reed) look to kill when Bella says, “You’re out,” or Carlisle’s (Peter Facinelli) laughing, “Nice kitty,” that follows.

Then there’s my personal favorite – Jasper. There’s something incredibly sexy about that bat flipping trick he does; and there’s something even sexier about his southern draw when he says, “Oh, I think we can handle that,” to Victoria’s wicked curveball comment.

5. Meet the Volturi — “New Moon”

Volturi – that really says it all. When we meet the Volturi in Italy, Bella has just raced thousands of miles to save her man only to be thrown into the hands of the volatile and menacing Volturi.

The legendary vampires watch Edward and Bella with curiosity and disturbing interest. The slightly manic Aro (Michael Sheen) reads the mind of a drugged looking, but still charming, Edward. We witness Jane (Dakota Fanning) torture Edward with perhaps the most awesome power of the series so far.
Then she turns on Bella, “This may hurt just a little,” an awesome line, followed by a confounded Jane whose powers don’t work on the human – ha-ha Jane. Isn’t it satisfying to see her pissed off?

Felix goes for Bella, Edward intervenes, and the tension just continues to pile up as Felix slams Edward to the floor cracking both it and Edwards’ face. Felix gets a hold around Edward’s neck and Bella screams in panic, “No, please, please. Kill me. Kill me not him!”

We see love so strong nothing can triumph it, a love that compels the ultimate sacrifice of one’s life for another.

The fervent devotion Bella has for Edward continues to be showcased when Aro walks toward her and says, “You would give up your life for someone like us – a vampire, a soulless monster.”

Bella steadies herself and says fiercely, “You don’t know a thing about his soul.”

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  1. Maria in CT

    I also loved this list! #7 will always be my favorite, I think. “Don’t Move” I even have a necklace with that on it that my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day last year. #1 is probably my second favorite, and anything with Charlie in it is a gem. “Twilight” will always be my favorite book and movie in the series. Thank you Stephenie Meyer & Catherine Hardwicke.


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