Well, here’s a hairy situation.

NBC has picked up a full season of “Chase,” and ordered additional scripts for “Undercovers.” While that isn’t a pickup, it is a good sign. They’ve also ordered 11 additional episodes for “Chuck,” bringing the season to 24 episodes.

I’ve been predicting cancellation for all of these shows–and it appears I’ve been wrong. However, my stance doesn’t change–none of these shows will be on NBC’s fall schedule next year. They may not be pulled like I predicted, but in this case, NBC, the fourth place network on television, simply doesn’t have anything to replace these shows with.

So many NBC shows are doing terribly. “Community,” “Chuck,” “Law and Order: LA,” are averaging a 1.9 demo rating, “Undercovers,” and “Chase” are averaging a 1.6 demo rating. These numbers would be cancelled on CBS immediately. ABC would probably let them play out their initial orders, as would Fox. But this is 4.5 hours of the week for NBC.

Put another way, NBC is currently averaging around a 2.4 rating throughout its programming for the week. But it’s averaged is raised by Sunday Night Football, which is by far the highest rated show on television, averaging a 6.5 rating or greater for the entire night, while the closest competition has one or two shows that average about a 4.5 rating. Spread out over the week, that raises NBC’s entire average. When they lose Sunday Night Football in the spring, their entire average will crash, and the once mighty network may be in trouble.

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  1. Sgt Travers

    Community is hysterical and fantastic. It’d be a pathetic shame if they cancelled it.

    NBC has no one to blame but themselves. They destroyed Heroe’s. They are going to ruin Communitry and hastily cancel it. Just pathetic.

    Move it to a different time slot you dolts!!!!


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