The Weinstein company will challenge the NC-17 rating handed to upcoming film “Blue Valentine” by the MPAA. The film, which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling as a married couple, received the rating for strong nudity and sexuality.

“Blue Valentine” has received strong buzz from critics since its debut at Cannes earlier this year–with many speculating that Williams and Gosling are shoe-ins for their second nominations each. Williams previously was nominated in 2006 for Best Supporting Actress from her role in “Brokeback Mountain;” a role that helped shoot her to prominence as a critically acclaimed actress, distancing her from earlier fare such as her long-running role in “Dawson’s Creek.” Gosling earned his first nomination for Best Actor in “Half-Nelson,” also giving him some street cred in acting circles.

Earlier this month, the MPAA handed down the rating for the film, seemingly decimating its chances to contend for major awards this season. Few films receive nominations with the most strict of ratings; and very few films find financial success with the rating. Many theater chains refuse to carry NC-17 films. One notable exception is “Midnight Cowboy;” the film won the Best Picture Oscar in 1970, despite an X rating.

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  1. michelle and jason white

    We are a VERY Christian, VERY Republican household (with 3 VERY small kids….)

    My husband and I agree, these are two of the VERY best actors of our generation.

    It would be VERY sad if this work is undermined by the NC-17 rating.


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