NBC continued to have misfortunes on nights that don’t feature football Wednesday, as it’s highest rated show for the night–“Law and Order: SVU” achieved just a 2.2 rating and 8 million viewers. Things were much worse for “Undercovers,” which is all but cancelled–pulling just a 1.4 rating and 6 million viewers. New show “Law and Order: LA” wasn’t much better, sinking to a 1.9 rating and 7.1 million viewers.

“Modern Family” was the highest rated show of the night, drawing a 4.7 rating and 11.3 million viewers. The 4.7 rating ties the highest scripted show so far this week, and the show was in a 3-way tie for that title last week as well. “Cougar Town” was up at 9:30, posting a 3.2 rating and 7.3 million viewers. At 8, “The Middle” was in the middle of the pack, with a 2.4 rating and 8 million viewers, while “Better with You” was lower at 2.1 with 6.4 million viewers. At 10, ABC replaced the heavily struggling (read: soon-to-be-cancelled) “The Whole Truth” with “20/20,” which posted a 1.8 rating and 6 million viewers–an increase over “The Whole Truth’s” last outing. Stick a fork in it–it’s done.

CBS was strong for the night with “Survivor: Nicaragua” winning the 8 p.m. hour with a 3.7 rating and 12 million viewers. “Criminal Minds” posted 13.8 million viewers and a 3.5 rating at 9, and “The Defenders,” though mediocre, won the 10 p.m. hour with a 2.4 rating and 10 million viewers.

Fox ran “Hell’s Kitchen” from 8-10, which posted a strong 3.1 rating over the  period.

The big question for Wednesday ratings this fall is what will be cancelled first: “Undercovers” or “The Whole Truth?”

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  1. Helen

    Why on earth is “Better With You” still on tv? I stopped watching “The Middle” because of it. I don’t want to tune in at 8 then tune out for 1/2 hour then tune back in for “Modern Family” at 9pm. CANCEL THE DAMN SHOW ALREADY!!!!

  2. Tanya

    The Undercovers is a fantastic show. This is exactly what people need to see right now. There are too many shows that portray African-Americans in a negative light. The Undercovers is well-written, funny, intelligent, not to mention global and multilingual! The cast is diverse and can they ACT!!! Please fight to keep this show on the air!!!

    • molly

      I completely agree! Horrible reality tv shows are on the air but this one gets canned. too bad!

  3. molly

    Undercovers and The Whole Truth gone? that is crazy. two good shows! i wish americans could create their own channels with their own shows.


    The only hope for “UNDERCOVERS” now would a pickup from a cable station, like Bravo or BET.
    If NBC does with this show what they did with the “BIONIC WOMAN” remake– that is,release the whole season on DVD,BE SURE TO PICK IT UP ASAP. There you will find all the unaired episodes.
    Watch for it in the video stores.

    On behalf of the cast and crew of “UNDERCOVERS” , I thank you all for at least tuning in,
    whether you actually liked the show or not.

  5. Leslie

    Aw, I love Undercovers! I bet people are watching it on demand or DVRing it. I hope it’s not cancelled. It’s really good.


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