Who knew that apples could be considered antique? Approximately 6,000 varieties of apples that once grew in America are extinct, and Michael Smolak, owner of North Andover’s Smolak Farms, wants to keep some rare apples alive for future generations to enjoy.

Smolak Farms is the only apple farm in Massachusetts to carry over 20 varieties of rare apples in their Antique Apple Orchard, including the Chenango Strawberry, Sops of Wine, Cox Orange Pippen, Sheepnose, Smokehouse, Rhode Island Greening, Fameuse Snow, Golden Russet, Winter Banana, Spitzenberg, Seek No Further, Red Stayman, Granny Smith, Yellow Newton, Lady, Pink Pearl, James Grieve, Baldwin and Wolf River.

Open seven days a week, Smolak Farms also offers homemade apple cider donuts, hayrides, and a petting zoo. For more information, go to smolakfarms.com.

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