Do you know there is a song “Hero” by T.I. (and Akon)? T.I. raps in the song: “Just to make sure he don’t get it clear like pallegreeno from acseno to a kilo I’m a neighborhood hero.”

Well, here is serious actual proof that he is actually a hero. Yesterday in Atlanta, T.I. helped prevent a man from jumping to his death from the top of an office building. According to USA TODAY, police said T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, “appeared out of nowhere” to talk to the man down. It seemed like quite the coincidence that Harris happened to be in the area when the man decided to jump. After all, the man was safely helped down and taken to an area hospital for psychological evaluation.

The good news might be a good cause for him because Harris has to head to a court tomorrow to do his business with a federal judge who will decide if the rapper violated his probation when police arrested he and his wife on drug charges in Hollywood last month.

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