ROME — Italy’s STEN & LEX present their work in the United States, in New York, at the Brooklynite Gallery together with another street artist called Gaia.

They prefer black and white using half shades and therefore dots and lines, because, observing the art from a distance, there are chiaroscuros that make the images realistic. But in their more recent work, however, they have used the four-color process which involves using superimposed transparent colors. Sten&Lex fall exhibition in New York City is a big step for their work.

They are widely considered to be the pioneers of “stencil graffiti” in Italy. Best known for introducing their “halftone stencil” technique, these two self-proclamined “Hole School” artists spend ample time hand-cutting pixel dots and lines to compose their imagery which is best viewed from a distance. For the first time, starting this weekend, they’ll be showing with Gaia ‘Portraits’ at Brooklynite Gallery.

The subjects of portraits comes from the historic Italian archives they’ve rescued from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Just go to the exhibition and try to discover what does it mean the art of stencil for them.

The exhibit runs at the Brooklinite Gallery, 334 Malcolm X Blvd. Brooklyn from Saturday through November 13, from 7-10 p.m.

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Blast correspondent Luna Moltedo is an Italian art expert and journalist based in Rome

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