There’s no shortage of music apps out there, but we are fans of this one, which helps you make real music, instead of tapping buttons to create more fake music.

Star Scales Pro 2.1 is the latest update to the iPhone/iPod/iPad app that teaches aspiring guitar players scale patterns instead of complex charts. It helps improve speed and accuracy while playing the real guitar while working on your muscle memory.

The update doesn’t change much of the core functionality, but it adds better sound effects, graphics, and a cleaner fretboard interface.

The app is the product of Slovakia-based JoyApps, and it lets you practice on a six or seven string virtual guitar. It’s a teaching tool that’s good for pros and wannabes a like.

Highlights from the developer:

  • Clustered scales for easy orientation
  • Double length playback for root note of the scale
  • Scale pattern on the whole fretboard in landscape mode
  • Random generator to getting to practicing to the scales

“We would like to make the play on the guitar as easy as it could be. Time and time again, the pattern method has been proven the most effective method for learning scales that is why we hope scale pattern will assist in achieving better results,” said Zoltan Bognar, the app’s developer.

Star Scales Pro 2.1 is $0.99 and available worldwide through the App Store in the Music category.

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