Lets face it: We never fully outgrow the excitement of peering into an over-sized pillowcase full of candy. Whether you’re 7 or 37, there is something consistently enjoyable about indulging in a sugar rush that can only be acquired by ringing doorbells in a crazy outfit — something that’s acceptable for only one night  a year. Blast Magazine has composed a list of our top 10 favorite treats of the season.


Timeless and always filling, every bite of a Kit Kat is crunchy and delicious. “It’s all about the noise that it makes when you bite in,” said Sarah Hamma, 18, a freshman at Boston College.


These little pieces of the rainbow are chewy, fruity, and a nice change from chocolate. “The sour ones are really my favorite because you can suck all of the coating off of them, and then they’re chewy and sweet,” said Hamma.


It’s impossible to mistake the sound of the colorful sugar bits rattling around in their box. They may not be chocolate, but there’s no lack of sweetness here. “I really like the fruity candies,” said Bubly. “Gotta love artificial sweetener, right?”


It’s a candy bar that’s guaranteed to stick to your teeth. Although you’ll probably get cavities in the process of eating one, they’re hard to resist. “I’d always save these for last,” said Brittany Russell, a junior at Northeastern University. “[I looked] forward to eating one two months after Halloween was over.”

6. M&MS

Whether they’re crunchy, peanut or just plain chocolate, their colorful appeal and snackable size puts them on the list. “Those were my favorite,” said Jackie Ferrante, an art major at Northeastern. “M&Ms just scream ‘Halloween’ to me.”


Forever classic, Tootsie Rolls have been around for upwards of 120 years, and a Halloween wouldn’t be complete without them.


Twix bars offer the never failing combination of chocolate and caramel, but with a twist—or shall we say, crunch? “The bite is so satisfying,” said Ferrante.


Peanut butter goes well with just about anything, but especially with chocolate. “Reese’s was always my favorite thing to get in my bag,” said Russell. “I’d always trade other candy with my friends so I could get Reese’s.”


It’s the perfect mixture of texture and taste: Slightly salted peanuts balance the sweet taste of chocolate, nougat, and caramel. Together, they make for an always satisfying bite.


Maybe it’s cliché, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without them. “There’s no other part of the year I actually like candy corn,” said Bubly.  “But when Halloween comes around, I can always eat it.”

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Erica H. Thompson is a Blast correspondent

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  1. John Stephen Dwyer

    When autumn 2010 was still approaching I started craving candy apples. Thinking that getting one might be a big production, I was psyched to find them sitting in the fridge at the little convenient store in Kenmore Square (not the 7-11, the one that is too close to BU to sell tobacco products). I’m eating one right now.


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