Hopefully you’ve read Blast’s Anatomy of a Scream Queen piece to bring out the Halloween joy in everyone.

Here are our five greatest Hollywood screamers of all time:

5. Scout Taylor-Compton

She may be new to the scene, but if Rob Zombie likes her, that’s saying something. Taylor-Compton has appeared in both of Zombie’s “Halloween” remakes.

4. Asia Argento

You probably know her from “Land of the Dead,” but Asia Argento has been acting since she was nine years old.

3. Janet Leigh

The shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” is one of the most iconic scenes in film history—let alone horror film history, and Leigh’s scream is the reason.

2. Neve Campbell

Perhaps a controversial choice over Janet Leigh, but as the star of the “Scream” movies, Neve helped make horror popular again and solidified her place in the Scream Queen hall of fame.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

It’s hard to argue against Jamie Lee. You can’t talk about Scream Queens without talking about her. Before she was selling digestive yogurt, she was screaming her way through “Halloween,” “Halloween II,” and “Prom Night.”

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  1. timber

    Jamie Leigh Curtis? Yes
    Janet Leigh – Yes
    Asia Argento – Yes again

    Those other two, are as much a scream queen as I am a can of soda


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