J.K. Rowling told Oprah Winfrey in a taped interview airing Friday that she may someday write another novel in the popular “Harry Potter” series.

According to Associated Press, Rowling says the characters are still in her head and she “could definitely” write several new books about them. She says: “I’m not going to say I won’t.” For now, she feels she’s moved on to a new phase of her writing.

Not that she has completely put down her pen. Rowling plans to write more books, and feels there is no need to match or top her previous achievement.

According to CNN.com, “I did it. I’m really proud I did it,” she said. “But this is a new phase.”

More than 400 million copies of the books about the boy wizard have been sold and she went on to become richer than Queen Elizabeth II. Rowling says fame brought extreme pressures, including paparazzi and reporters searching her trash.

She says it was “like being a Beatle” and there was a time she “was barely hanging by a thread.”

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