There are always those electronics that are a pain to shop for, especially those that you’re not able to test out prior to purchasing. Headphones and earbuds are prime examples. Sure you can return them if your not satisfied, but how many trips to the store are you going to be willing to make before you become frustrated? Hopefully we can help simplify the process here at Blast with our review on Wicked Audio’s Wicked Empire WE-8803 in-ear earbuds.

From the clear little window on the box, you really can’t help but notice the sleek design and nice styling of the product. With an all black finish, long cord length, and an eye-catching design/symbol on the ends of the buds, its no wonder why the product is so eye appealing.

While looks are important, sound quality is crucial and can make or break a product like this, but the product delivers well for its price range. We were very impressed with the sound quality for these small mid-priced earbuds. Both base and treble sounded great, and the earbuds had no problem reaching louder volumes without distorting all that much.

One thing however, is that the product may not be for everyone especially with people with odd ear sizes and people that are planning to exercise while using these earbuds. We noticed when running or fast walking with the earbuds in, that they slid around a little. This creates slightly annoying pounding noise.

The product retails for $39.99, and you can find them cheaper on Amazon and other online outlets.

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