Christian Camargo, Mia Maestro, Casey LaBow and MyAnna Buring can now claim a big milestone on their resumes: “Twilight.”

The actors were added to the cast on Thursdays. The Denalis are another “vegetarian” coven who are friends with the Cullens.

Camargo (“The Hurt Locker, “Dexter”) will play Eleazar, a Spanish vampire and former member of the Volturi. Maestro (“Alias) will play Carmen, a multi-lingual vampire who’s Eleazar’s mate. LaBow will play Kate, who can create powerful electrical currents under her skin. Buring (“Doomsday”) will play Tanya, the head of the coven. Tanya once had a crush on Edward.

The actors are relatively unknown. LaBow has done mostly guest appearances, and MTV spelled her name wrong in their coverage, unless she spells Casey with a “K” sometimes. Buring is a Swede who trained to be an actress in London. Carmargo played John Wilkes Booth in the “National Treasure” sequel.

The four join Maggie Grace, who was announced on Tuesday. She will play Irina, who does something bad in the book…

The release dates for the two final “Twilight” films are November 18, 2011 and November 16, 2012.

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