Iron Man 2 (2010)

Robert Downey Jr. is back as the snarky yet heroic billionaire, Tony Stark, in the second installment in the movie adaption of the classic Marvel comic series, Iron Man. After revealing his identity to the whole world, Tony finds himself in conflict with the US government, who want to get their hands on the secret behind his Iron man suit. But Tony’s unwillingness to hand over his secrets has consequences he could have never imagined, and with the appearance of an enemy from his father’s past, It is very clear that Tony Stark won’t be finding much peace. (Paramount, $30.99; Special Edition DVD, $37.99; Blu-Ray, $39.99)

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

From the people that produced notable comedies such as Knocked Up and 40-Year Old Virgin, Get Him to the Greek features familiar characters, and completely new ones. British comedian Russell Brand plays Aldous Snow, a fictional British Rocker that we were first introduced to in the comedy hit, Forgetting Sarah Marshell. Snow is about to embark on a multimillion dollar tour that kicks off at L.A.’s Greek Theatre. But he has other plans in mind, ones that involve winning back his one true love. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for his escort, Aaron Green, who is played by Jonah Hill. Green’s career can be made or broken depending on his efforts to get the wild rock star to the Greek. But when he realizes that Snow has other plans, he goes on a wild ride that he never expected to be on. (Universal, $29.98; Unrated, $34.98; Unrated Blu-Ray, $39.98)

Babies (2010)

It’s very hard to resist the appeal of a cute newborn baby, a fact that the producers of the documentary, Babies, know very well. The film follows the journey of four newborn babies from birth to their very first steps. The babies come from four different parts of the globe, and provide an interesting look on the beginning of life, and the similarities and differences between the foundations that make all of us human. (Focus, $29.98; Blu-Ray, $39.98)

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2010)

Based on a novel written by Chris Greenhalgh, This French film chronicles Coco Chanel’s relationship with Igor Stravinsky, and the time that she and his family spent together in her villa. Through their secret affair, Chanel and Stravinsky rouse creativity that they never knew they had. But, at the same time, turmoil starts to rear its ugly head, affecting the secret couple, and the family that they hide their feelings from. (Sony, $27.96; Blu-Ray, $34.95)

Other Releases:

Frozen (Anchor Bay, $29.97; Blu-Ray, $34.98)

The Killer Inside Me (IFC, $19.98; Blu-Ray, $29.98)


Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary by David Sedaris

Known Humorist David Sedaris releases his new volume this week, but this time with an animal themed twist. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk features stories of normal daily life situations, except for the fact that humans aren’t experiencing them. Subject matter ranges from AA meetings to star crossed lovers, and leaves us wondering if the lives of animals are just as complicated as our own. (Little, Brown & Company; $21.99)

Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max

When it comes to Tucker Max’s books, the titles speak for themselves. In his follow up to the National Bestseller, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Tucker Max reveals more of his scandalous stories about his physical interactions with the opposite sex, and the other debaucheries he can’t help but get involved in.  (Simon & Schuster Adult, $25.99)

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

Ken Follett’s World Without End was a huge critical success, and earned him much praise for his writing and storytelling abilities. In his new book, the first in the Century Trilogy, Follett crafts a world in which five families of different nationalities grapple with different situations, including the First World War and the fight for women’s suffrage. The book series will follow generations of each of the families and how they deal with many infamous events of the twentieth century. With a heavily researched background and heartbreaking characters, Fall of Giants is bound to make any Follett fans happy campers. (Penguin Group, $36.00)

Torment (Lauren Kate’s Fallen Series #2) by Lauren Kate

In the second volume in Lauren Kate’s angelic YA book series, Luce is finally able to be with the love of her life, Daniel, who happens to be a fallen angel who she falls in love with in every past life. But

when Daniel becomes determined to hunt down those who would like to see Luce dead, he decides to hide her in a peculiar location: a high school devoted to Nephilim, the children of fallen angels

and humans. But her hiding place turns out to be more trouble than they thought when Luce begins to doubt Daniel’s intensions and versions of past events. Soon, she starts to wonder if she is really destined to be with Daniel, or if she is truly meant to be with someone else. (Random Hous

e Children’s Books, $17.99)

Other Book Releases:

Naked Heat (Nikki Heat) by Richard Castle (Hyperion, $24.99)

I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett (HarperCollins, $16.99)

Taken by Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel by Lara Adrian (Dell, $7.99)

The Jedi Path by Daniel Wallace (becker&mayer! Book Producers, $99.99)

Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward (Simon & Schuster, $30.00)

The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America by Daniel Hannan (Harper, $24.99)

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