State troopers arrested a 46-year-old man from Fairhaven who has had a warrant out on him since the November robbery of a New Bedford convenience store.

Bruce Thatcher was taken into custody at his home on Rodman Street with the assistance of Fairhaven officers, police said. He has been charged with the robbery.

When officers searched Thatcher’s home after his arrest, they found a cache of guns that allegedly belonged to a relative of his whose gun license had expired.

Seized were:

  • .357 caliber handgun
  • 12 gauge Remington shotgun
  • 10 gauge bolt-action shotgun (no maker identified on weapon)
  • Two Marlin .22 caliber rifles
  • .22 caliber rifle (no maker identified on weapon)

State police said the relative, who was not identified, is cooperating with police. The guns will be returned to the relative when he renews his license.

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