Grammy-winner Macy Gray is finally back with her familiar whisky-voice.

Her fifth album was released in June, but it’s been three years since her last studio album, Big.

This album is definitely for a party, because her heavy calm voice is constantly coming with the hot up-tempo beats. It mainly focuses on technologically programmed "typical" edgy sound, and we don’t really hear a live band playing on the record but her unique melodic voice fully expressed on each track is making this record so distinctive. Although her voice is very unique, her voice never kills sensitive melodic core. It always works excellent with the tunes, which is her creative strength.

The first single from the album, "Beauty in the World," is a very catchy fun song, which totally attracts listeners. When the song is ending, there is nothing but a warm happy feeling left with a smile.

"Let You Win" is something suitable for a romantic movie. That would make you feel like you are listening to the track while seeing closing credits.

"That Man" sounds like early 80s disco sound (even though I wasn’t alive in the early 80s!), and Gray splits rhymes with the sound, which is so fresh and that reminded me of her "My Nutmeg Phantasy" from her second studio album "The Id."

"Real Love" featuring Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter Bobby Brown opens up by a short conversation of the two. Mostly, they sing together this sweet love song, which absolutely works perfect.

"Kissed It" featuring Velvet Revolver is a vivid rock song. With her low-tone voice, the song somehow sounds like blues. If she performs this song at a show, it is pretty obvious that she would totally kill it onstage with the audience screaming.

Overall, the album has every component of music, such as hip hop, R&B, rock, blues, and jazz. The album cannot be easily classified by a genre and you will find her talented songwriting creativity and singing skills everywhere on this record.

Track list

1.”The Sellout”


3.”Kissed It” (featuring Velvet Revolver)

4.”Still Hurts” (featuring Romika)

5.”Beauty in the World”

6.”Help Me”

7.”Let You Win”

8.”That Man”


10.”Real Love” (featuring Bobby Brown)

11.”On & On”

12.”The Comeback”

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