This morning Apple released iTunes 10.0.1, an update to their latest iteration of the software, with some great upgrades to it’s Ping social network that make it actually usable.

Now instead of being closed into the iTunes store, Apple has finally brought it to your iTunes library–the place iTunes users spend their most time. Now you can like songs in your own library, post it to your Ping account, and get real time Ping updates in your library from a new sidebar.

All you have to do is click on a song in your library, and you have a list of options,

These new features go a long way towards bringing Ping from something that was a nice idea with limited usability to something I may now give another chance.

The speed at which Apple updated the software (about a month in) also shows that they are listening to feedback and working quickly to update the site. That gives hope that they are serious about this and will be delivering updates to the site’s functionality in the future.

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