DALLAS — In March of 2010, 13-year-old Taylor Storch, daughter of Todd and Tara Storch, died tragically in a Colorado ski accident. In the wake of this devastation, the Storch’s made the tough decision to donate Taylor’s organs, including her heart. Though donations usually remain anonymous, Dallas ABC reporter Gary Reaves helped the Storch’s hear their daughter’s heartbeat once again.

Patricia Winters, 40, found herself sick and lethargic following the birth of her second son. Winters, a nurse, was the lucky one to receive Taylor’s young, strong heart. Through the internet, she was able to find out that Taylor was her donor by visiting Taylorsgift.org. There, she looked at pictures and watched videos of a girl whose life was cut too short.

Winters connected with Tara Storch via email, and the two families decided to meet.

“That’s really what I wanted since the very beginning,” said Storch, “is to find who has her heart and have a connection with that person…I can’t wait to hug the person who has her heart.”

And she did just that. Watch the video above to witness the moving encounter between Tara and Patricia as they connect over Tara’s heartbeat.

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  1. M Brabec

    I would like to know more about Patricia’s story. I also had heart failure 1 week following my baby’s birth 8 years ago due to a dissection of my left coronary artery. I am curious what Patricia’s diagnosis was and if it was related to the birth of her baby as was mine.
    Thank you for the story as well and to the many people whom donate organs.


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