If this isn’t the saddest thing you read all day, then you’re reading too much news.

Last Thursday, in Exeter Township, Pa., a man was killed when the hand cycle he received from well-wishers at a charity fundraiser in his honor crashed into an ambulance, according to FirefighterCloseCalls.com.

Steven B. Johnson, 49, was riding his cycle — a bicycle modified to be operated by hands for people with leg paralysis — when he veered into the path of a Boyertown Advanced Life Support ambulance, was struck, and died.

The ambulance was returning from a call at regular traffic speeds and was not carrying any patients.

Johnson was a life-long cyclist and road racer who was paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in a downhill road bicycling accident in 1993. The hand cycle was given to him by the the IM ABLE Foundation.

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  1. Common Sense Police

    Almost the saddest thing I’ve read today, but there is a bigger picture. Funny how a bill to ban fake marijuana is getting rushed through while HB1393, the bill to legalize MEDICAL marijuana has been collecting dust for a year and a half. This is corruption at its finest here folks. Our country is failing because of crap like this. We have gas lines exploding, water and sewer lines failing, bridges, buildings and dams collapsing, potholes that will swallow you car, but lets keep dumping over $40,000,000,000,(forty BILLION dollars) a year, yes PER YEAR down the drain. These are OUR tax dollars being wasted here folks. This is still happening because that same forty billion is used to spread fear and propaganda (lies) about the dangers of marijuana. This causes a HUGE distrust for our government and police forces when people who have been lied to for decades discover the truth. Propaganda and corruption, the only products America still manufactures for themselves, other than poorly educated students that is (the most recent study placed us either 42nd or 43rd in the WORLD for education). Makes me proud to be an American veteran, how about you?


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