"Hi, Elmo! Are you ready to play dress-up?" — Singer Katy Perry asks Elmo.

Katy has become the latest celebrity to film a segment for children’s show "Sesame Street," re-recording her last year’s hit "Hot ‘N Cold" with child-friendly lyrics.

This short two-minute clip was just posted on YouTube on Monday and quickly passed the million viewer mark.

But that clip will never appear in an episode.

Complaints came in about the singer’s dress and exposed cleavage. Parents fumed over her "inappropriate" cleavage-baring outfit, and the clip has been axed from the New Year’s Eve episode.

Seriously, though, the combination of "California Gurls" singer and Muppet Elmo is absolutely cute, and little Elmo running around Perry is very adorable. Most of the shots only show her head. There’s nothing overtly sexual about any of this.

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Eiko Watanabe is a Blast staff writer in New York

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  1. Nick DiNatale

    Just another example of over-protective parents. There really isn’t much to be upset over with this. Oh well, the world is just too sensitive.


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