Generation Y and Millennials have made a few shows extremely successful (Glee), but there’s more to life than singing and dancing.

Here are the top five television shows that aren’t new, but that you probably haven’t seen yet.

And you should…

5. Cougar Town

This witty little show suffers from a poor title, causing many not to tune in. From the outside, it seems as if the show is driven by Jules’ (Courteney Cox) pursuit of younger men. However, after a rocky start, the show has developed into a broader ensemble comedy, featuring strong interplay from the seven main characters. Like creator Bill Lawrence’s previous work Scrubs, the show is an examination of the lives of its main characters from a humorous and moderately satirical perspective. The show revolves around Jules best friend Ellie and her husband Andy, her neighbor Grayson, her ex-husband Bobby, and her 18 year-old son Travis. It features the same witty dialogue and biting remarks of Scrubs.

Season 2 premieres Wednesday.

4. Fringe

Set within the FBI’s Fringe Division, this show follows FBI Agent Olivia Dunham and her team as they pursue mysteries involving “fringe science.” Involving the extreme possibilities of scientific fields, Dunham’s team, which includes scientists Walter and Peter Bishop, investigate psychic phenomena, teleportation, alternate universes and other tasks in search of “the pattern.” Rich with mythology and created by television auteur J.J. Abrams, the show borrows elements from previous Abrams shows “Lost” and “Alias,” with some themes from “The X-Files” and “The Twilight Show.”

Season 3 of Fringe premieres Thursday.

3. Supernatural

A long running show about brothers Sam and Dean Winchester traveling around the country facing elements of the supernatural. Last season, the show completed a storyline that had been evolving for the five seasons of the show which dealt with demons, hell, heaven, God and the Devil while focusing on themes of brotherhood and destiny. With a killer classic rock soundtrack and more action than most shows on network television, it’s a well produced show that consistently delivers.

Season 6 of Supernatural premieres Friday.

2. The Good Wife

It may seem like an odd choice, but this show about Alicia Florick, the wife of a disgraced politician is a great weekly legal drama. Alicia has returned to practicing law after her husband is sent to prison, as a means to support her family. The stories are fresh, and there’s plenty of intrigue within Alicia’s law firm and the crimes that sent her husband to prison in the first place. The show also featured the breakout performance of Archie Panjabi, her who won an Emmy this year portraying Kalinda Sharma, a deeply interesting private investigator employed by Alicia’s law firm. For a good weekly drama in the vein of CSI or NCIS, tune in.

Season 2 of The Good Wife premieres September 28.

The Vampire Diaries

When the Vampire Diaries premiered, many thought it was another offering in the vampire craze, following “Twilight” and “True Blood.” But over the course of it’s first season, the mythology of the show deepened, and this became one of the more satisfying supernatural dramas on television, reminiscent of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The show is interesting every week, and delivers one or two twists most weeks as well. The plot is pretty involved, but the show has only progressed one season in, so plenty of time to catch up.

We’ve given the show plenty of press. Have you been listening?

Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries premiered September 9.

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