So, Halo: Reach is awesome and all (just check out our review, but one question remains — where’s Master Chief? The series poster boy and lead spartan soldier hasn’t been since seen the end of Halo 3 — or has he?

Fair warning, there’s a hefty amount of spoilers ahead, so you probably want to stop reading now if you haven’t finished all of Reach yet.

Alright, the video below apparently shows the one and only Master Chief about to take off for battle. Though Bungie hasn’t commented on the video, it does make sense as the final events of Reach lead directly into the events of the first Halo game. What do you think? Check out the video below and let us know.

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  1. Spartan A115

    Yeah it’s really a hard question what people are saying it’s not master chief but another Spartan his friend or equal or something my theory is that the original Nobel 6 was master chief and in the trailer where kat is running with the bomb where she loses her arm and that guy grabs the bombs yea you know the one I thinks he dosent get out in time and gets injured badly and gets rebuilt and heals and that’s why he’s in the pod and that part where the pillar of autumn is flying towards the ring is before the first halo ring or that scenes way after the fall of reach who knows hopefully they make the 7 th game and explain every thing and not leave us wondering or have a bullshit ending about how it was the person playing the game after all just show us who master chief is you know just saying.

  2. spartan117

    all confused people shd read the novels of halo. everything is clear thier. events of reach lead to first game of halo. master chief was on another mission during final events of reach. so were other 116 spartans trained by unsc


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