Last month Toyota Motor Corp. said to have reviewed complaints of unintended acceleration since March and said the results concluded there have been no electronic glitches that cause vehicles to surge out of control. Other possible explanations include driver error, foreign objects trapping the accelerator and some drivers still are using the wrong floor mats, months after the automaker warning to remove them.

"Toyota has acknowledged previously that the event data recorders are not accurate," said Takeshi Uchiyamada, executive vice president in charge of research and development. "We have been able to determine that there is no defect in the event data recorders. We have found that there was a software bug in the event data recorder readers that download data. The bug had to do with data that indicated speed," he said. The event data recorder was always accurate, and the only reading that was inaccurate was speed". The issue was discovered this past spring and has since been corrected.

Since November, Toyota has recalled more than 13 million vehicles worldwide, including more than 10 million in the United States, most of them to address unintended acceleration.

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