For the first of two nights that The Devil Wears Prada’s Back To The Roots Tour would be at Harper’s Ferry in Allston, the line to get in was stretched around the corner and a sign was posted on the door that the show was 100 percent sold out. Fans waiting in line without a ticket, hoping to see The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, and Your Demise up close and personal would be out of luck.

Starting promptly at 8 p.m., British hardcore band Your Demise took the stage. Promoting their new album, The Kids We Used To Be…, they’ve been touring in order to spread their UK popularity farther to the west. A smaller portion of the crowd showed good interest in their set, but with most people being there to see Miss May I and The Devil Wears Prada, a larger number of them saved their energy for the later bands. The band’s set was fairly short, but still solid. Soon enough they handed the stage over to Miss May I.

When the club went dark and Miss May I marched up onto the stage, the crowd immediately pushed together in anticipation. As soon as the music started they rushed the stage. With the club already sold out and well packed, the fans closer to the front were like a can of sardines.

The only break that the front rows received from getting crushed together was when lead vocalist Levi Benton initiated a wall of death. (For those who aren’t familiar with a wall of death, it’s an event that normally takes place at a metal or hardcore show, when the band tells the crowd to separate. Once the singer says "go", the crowd runs in from all four sides of the pit into a sea of moshing. It is an impressive sight, for sure.) Miss May I performed songs off of their older release, Apologies Are For The Weak, but with their new record, Monument just being released, they also advertised for, and played songs off of the new CD.

The band’s music was a big hit throughout the crowd, but with The Devil Wears Prada still waiting to go on stage, the crowd had even more energy left to exert.

With the club engulfed in darkness, The Devil Wears Prada began their set with their song, “Danger: Wildman,” a fan favorite.

For those in the crowd who thought Miss May I was rough, The Devil Wears Prada’s set brought it to a new level.

The fans packed in tighter, the pit got rowdier, and even more people sang along. Performing songs off of their first three full-length albums, and their newly released, Zombie EP, the band brought and unprecedented amount of energy to the stage and truly got the crowd to feel their music. Members of the crowd were moshing, jumping, and pumping their fists in appreciation. When the band took a break and asked the crowd, a show of hands showed that a fair number of fans would be coming back the following night to see the band play their second night at Harper’s Ferry. The band then continued their set, which went on for at least a half dozen more songs, including new tracks, such as Outnumbered. The band was very thankful to the fans for coming out to the show and supporting them in their return to small venues, which was the purpose of The Back To The Roots Tour.

They have definitely done a great job with the tour, with great attendance, and emotionally charged shows. If you didn’t get the chance to, make sure to check out The Devil Wears Prada next time they’re in the area.

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