So we just wondered what would happen at the VMAs tomorrow and here is the up-to-date info regarding the possibly crucial moment this year?

According to the Associated Press, Taylor Swift has written a song about last year’s Kanye West incident and will unveil it with a surprise performance tomorrow night.

Both Taylor Swift and Kanye West are set to perform but probably they won’t perform together then?

According to People magazine, weeks before the ceremony, this year’s host, Chelsea Handler, said she’d love to reunite the pair on the show since "we’ve never really seen them together since then."

Well, that would be really interesting because as we already know, West tweeted that he had written her a song for Swift but she is actually going to sing the song that she wrote for the hurtful accident that he caused. MTV declined to comment about the news, but we would love to witness the reunion tomorrow night, wouldn’t we? Stay tuned.

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