Like many Americans today, I have a variety of gadgets that I use on an everyday basis. There’s my Blackberry, iPod, laptop, handsfree car system, camera and more. How do I manage to get everything charged? Frankly, I have a whole shoebox full of chargers and it’s almost impossible to keep the wires bundled together, so you always end up with a mess of wires. Then there’s the problem of never having enough outlets available to charge all your electronics, especially with the ones that use large power bricks.

A product from IDAP called the IDAP i4 recently came across the desk and claims to help to change all this and free up your outlets. The IDAP 4 is a charging station that allows you to charge up to four different devices simultaneously on just one plug, without the need for messy cables. The device comes with a series of interchangeable tips that insert into the three slots on the product and the other end simply plugs right into the device you wish to charge. Also along the side of the device is a USB port for devices that need to be charged via USB. The company claims the IDAPT i4 is compatible with over 3,500 brands of mobile devices, including Apple, Nintendo, PSP, Blackberry, Garmin, and more. The IDAP i4 creates a hassle free and mess free solution that doesn’t require you to dig out tons of cables or allocate lots of space for charging your gadgets.

The IDAP i4 ships with either six tips from the factory or you may choose up to four of your own tips online. Additional tips can also be purchased for $9.99 and an AA/AAA battery charger tip is also available for $19.99. Customers may decide purchase additional power cords for $13.99, which is a great option especially for travelers who plan to be in another country and want to still use the IDAP i4 to charge their gadgets.

I found the device works perfectly. Gadgets fit well when placed onto the unit and can be removed also very easily. I’m pleased to see that the company included both small LED status lights directly in front of each charging slot that indicate that charging status and a main power switch located in the back center of the unit.

The IDAPT i4 sells for $59.99 and is available online in three-color choices of black, white or silver.

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