This Labor Day weekend, in Cambridge, Beowulf is out for revenge.  Worse than endlessly fighting Grendel and his monstrous mom, he’s been hacked to pieces by scholars and critics for centuries, and now he’s coming to the heart of academia to rock everybody to pieces.

This is the premise of "Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage," a SongPlay" created by the experimental theater group, Banana Bag & Bodice, set to play OBERON, A.R.T.’s cabaret/club venue, September 5-6 at 8 p.m.

The group’s unique telling of the epic Anglo Saxon poem about kinship, resourcefulness and man’s contest with nature—a staple of "survey of English Literature courses, "hearkens back to the raw and rowdy style of storytelling in the old Scandinavian mead halls," says an A.R.T. press release, and "combines Weillian cabaret, 40’s jazz harmony, indie rock, punk, electronica, and Romantic lieder into a cacophonous swirl."

The show is listed as appropriate for ages 14 and up due to mature language and themes (how’s that for a stodgy old poem?)  Tickets are $15.

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