Pop stars come and go. Some stay and will forever be remembered in the history of pop culture. Others fade as quickly as a shooting star. Emmalyn Anderson (artist name: Emmalyn) hopes to be one of those that are remembered.

With the release of her first single Love Letter, which is available on iTunes, Anderson is understandably thrilled.

"It’s awesome. I’m really excited," Anderson said.

The Falmouth native penned her recent single on real life experiences. "I was in a relationship with this guy and I realized I needed a break from him. I planned on going back to him but then I met someone else. So the song is me writing a love letter to him being like you broke my heart but I’m over it.”

Most of the songs Anderson writes are based on experiences she has faced.

"Its how I get my emotions out. It’s a release for me," she said. "It’s nice knowing people can relate to my songs and have been through similar situations."

Anderson is a fan of matching an upbeat tune with deep and sometimes even sad lyrics. "I don’t want people to be brought down by the lyrics. I want people to have fun with it," she said.

The same goes for Love Letter. "The lyrics in this song are very important to me," said Anderson. "Every word was written with strong emotion, yet the beat matched with it was added to give it an uplifting and fun vibe. I want to give people a reason to dance!"

When Anderson isn’t writing songs for herself, she is busy creating hits for Canadian pop artist Dustin Disco. Writing songs for another artist is a different experience in itself.

"You don’t know whether they will like it or not," Anderson said. "They might love it or hate it. You just have to learn not to take it personally."

Along with being a singer/songwriter, Anderson has another gun in her arsenal; acting. The budding actress has a minor role in Mission Park. The superhero adventure movie was a fun experience for Anderson. "It was fun filming. It was all green screens. My manager (Lindsey Vinson) and I were in it together so that was fun," said Anderson.

Mission Park premiered on August 25, it was Anderson’s first time seeing herself on the big screen and walking a red carpet.

"Having the paparazzi go crazy on us, seeing the movie all put together, watching my name roll through on the credits-it may sound strange but I felt completely like this is where I’m meant to be," said Anderson.

The aspect about acting that she loves the most is how the craft always help bring her mood up. "If you have to smile on camera, then you smile and that sort of makes you feel better," said Anderson. However, if the soon to be 21-year-old had to choose between acting and music, music would win that battle. "Acting is a lot of fun and something I want to do on the side but I think I have a stronger path in music," said Anderson.

That path in music began as a child for Anderson. "I was in chorus in 6th and grade and throughout high school. I loved it. Singing has been a blessing in my life," said Anderson. In the fall, Anderson will be returning to Lasell College for her senior year. She is majoring in communications. Juggling a budding singing career and school might be daunting to some however; Anderson is quite calm about the situation. "I don’t really have a game plan on how to balance the two. Whatever happens happens. At least I will have a degree," said Anderson.

Ask Anderson where she sees herself in five years, and her answer is honest. "I don’t really know where I’ll be," said Anderson. "You can’t predict it. It’s all up in the air. You just have to throw something up and see what lands."

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  1. carlos

    Emmalyn is a bitch in real life. She needs to get over herself, she CAN NOT sing to help her life and she CANNOT act as she is too awkward. She sells herself with sex to get gigs and try to boost herself up. Disgusting.


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