In what can only be described as an epic publicity stunt, Power Gig recently released a video in which a pile of fake guitar peripherals were airdropped into an active volcano in Iceland. The message in the video in reference to music video games boils down to: “Time to play a real guitar.”

Powe Gig, coming out in October 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is a new twist on the music game genre in which the guitar peripheral, the SixString Guitar Controller, features actual strings and is, in fact, a functioning electric guitar that can be plugged into an amp and used outside of the game.  Another new peripheral coming out with Power Gig is the AirStrike Drum Controller, which consists of two drumsticks and a small unit that rests at the player’s feet, and allows players to use more true-to-life movement when playing the drums in the game, and does not make any noise except what is produced in game.

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