We all love music for our own reasons. At Blast, we’re suckers for profound and insightful music lyrics that we can use as our Facebook statuses. The Weepies are the perfect band for this guilty pleasure.

Since their 2008 release of Hideaway, which helped them gaining more fame and notoriety, The Weepies have been keeping a low profile. They haven’t even toured since 2006. After much anticipation, Weepies fans can rejoice to the new sounds off of Be My Thrill which is their fourth studio album.

Be My Thrill took the husband and wife songwriting duo of Deb Talan and Steve Tannen a year to make. Listening to the album, this fact is evident. The 14 tracks seem delicately crafted with care and precision to make the perfect melody, soothing harmonies and pointed lyrics. All of this together makes most of the tracks off of Be My Thrill as charming lullabies for adults.

The Weepies are pure minimalists. There is nothing elaborate or over the top about the Weepies or this album. The formula for the Weepies’ success goes as follows; a simple but beautiful melody, angelic vocals and heart breaking lyrics. They follow this formula on Be My Thrill. It is not exactly inventive but if it’s not broke don’t fix it. In a world of fake plastic pop music, it is refreshing to listen to something that isn’t contrived.

Be My Thrill opens up with the beautiful "Please Speak Well of Me" This track is easily one of the best off the album with Talen beautifully crooning "looking back now/ I only wish I had been kinder/ did I ever know love." The title track is upbeat and contagious with its lighthearted sunny vibe. "I was Made for Sunny Days" is another upbeat track that delivers with charming lyrics ("I was made for sunny days and I was made for you") and gentle sounding vocals that gets the listener whistling along with the California duo. "They’re in love, Where am I?" is one of the exquisite ballads off of the album with lyrics that capture loneliness and longing for companionship at its rawest moments. ("I guess I have to hope that today the sun will shine/ and maybe tomorrow you’ll be mine/ Till that day I will wait/ Watch the lovers on the lake/ There in love where am I?)

Overall, almost every song off of Be My Thrill is just plain pretty. Even the songs that don’t quite hit the mark are delightful to listen to thanks to Talen and Tannen’s warm and childlike voices. This talent even got them to be Whole Food’s first ever full length album to be released on their website. Whole Foods Market, in a music initiative partnership with music and branding company Inspire that celebrates one new release each month that is of exceptional artistic quality and critical significance, has chosen The Weepies’ Be My Thrill as their recommended September release.

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