So, good news for those of you who’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy XI but also want to get into Final Fantasy XIV when it comes out next month.

If you currently have a Final Fantasy XI account, your monthly fee will be reduced to $7.00 per month as long as your Square Enix account remains the same for Final Fantasy XIV. However, there’s some restrictions (aren’t there always?) as explained in the official press release.

The restrictions are:

– Applies only to Final Fantasy XI subscriptions that are paid for by credit card
– Does not apply to Final Fantasy XI accounts during their free trial period
– The discount will not be applied when the Final Fantasy XIV subscription is in it’s free period, as determined on the 25th of each month
– Only applies to one Final Fantasy XI account for each Final Fantasy XIV service account
– This offer will remain in effect until January 2011
– For example, if a Square Enix Account has two Final Fantasy XIV service accounts and three Final Fantasy XI accounts, then the discount would only apply to two of the three Final Fantasy XI accounts

Besides the sweet financial discount, there’s an in-game item called Hermes Shoes that will be available at the start of Final Fantasy XIV. Any character that’s created will have access to this bonus item, and much like the discount, your Final Fantasy XI account must be linked to Final Fantasy XIV before creating a character in order for this to work.

The third bonus being offered is the ability to transfer your character’s name from Final Fantasy XI to Final Fantasy XIV. You don’t have to use the same name if you don’t want to, but the option is there. If you choose to do this, your Final Fantasy XIV character name will be the combination of your character’s name in Final Fantasy XI and the world name they live in. Seem confusing? Well, in other words, if your character’s name is Tifa and they reside in Midgar, the character’s final name in FFXIV would be Tifa Midgar.

For more on Final Fantasy XIV, check out the official website.

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