We’ve been really pleased lately with some of the new products from iHome. We love all the improvements and it seems like the company has been innovating a lot and the iP90 is no exception.

The iP90 is a Dual Alarm Clock Radio and also functions as an iPod speaker system. Simply place your iPod or iPhone onto the dock and the product will instantly start charging it and allow you to listen to some of your favorite tunes through the built in stereo quality speakers, which surprisingly sound very good for such a small unit.

As soon as I unpacked the iP90, the first thing I noticed was its very sharp appearance, featuring an all black design with silver trim along the front, which accents the product very nicely. As you glance at the face of the iP90, you can’t help but notice the large glimmering LCD screen and the two stereo speakers, in which are covered the black-wired speaker grill. As you work your way to the very top, you’ll notice an array of backlit glowing, large sized buttons that are very easy to see perform well. On the back of the iHome, you really find anything interesting there besides a line in jack, power port, FM and AM antenna ports, the set time zone and the manual clock set/time sync buttons.

Aside from design, performance is what really matters. So how does this product rack up? Music playing from the iPod dock through the built in stereo speakers sounded impressive for the small device size. There was a good amount of base, tones sounded loud and clear and when I increased the master volume, I really didn’t hear much distortion at all, which again is a nice plus.

When using the duel alarm clock, I found it worked well and when pressed and held the settings are very customizable, which is superb. Users can set the time they wish to wake up, select whether the alarm just be weekdays, weekends or seven days a week and then finally choose to wake up to either the buzzer, playlist, iPod or the Radio. Then when the alarm does sound, the unit will gradually increase the volume over a period of time, so you wont be startled out of bed, which I really like. Also, for those of you who can’t get out of bed and relay on the snooze button, you’ll be pleased to know its located at the center front of the device.

A nice touch on the iP90 is sleep mode, which lets you gradually fall sleep to your favorite audio. Simply set the sleep timer from 120, 90, 60, 30 or 15 minutes and the iHome will gradually lower the music and shut off once you reach the allotted time. Other notable features include: fade in sound, a play/pause button directly on the unit and on remote, ability to skip songs using the plus/minus toggle, daylight savings time and time sync switch, battery backup and more.

I was also very pleased with included the remote control. Not only is it well built, feels great in the hand, but it allows you to control almost everything the unit does from a distance. I’m very glad to see such a functional remote, since on my prior iHome iH6 unit this wasn’t the case.

A few disappointments I had with the unit were its large depth and the fact that the input/line in button doesn’t list the iPod as a source; Instead, I found to get to the iPod source you have to press the pay/pause button. This isn’t entirely a big deal, but I’m not sure why iHome doesn’t list the iPod as a source there and why the unit is so large in the rear. One small thing to note is the unit doesn’t come with every insert for the iPods that it supports. If in the box you don’t get the proper insert for your device you can order one the company. In my case, the unit didn’t ship with an insert for my first generation iPod Touch, so you have to place a call to order one.

Other than those small things, the iHome iP90 is sounds fantastic, is well priced, performs great and because of its relatively small size, it is ideal for college students living in dorms or for any room in that matter. The iHome iP90 is available for $99.99.

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