A recent poll from Engadget.com stated that only 42 percent of current BlackBerry users plan to stick around and purchase another BlackBerry device in the future.

Is it that consumers are ready for an operating system overhaul with a UI refresh, better browser, more features and an overall better user experience, more comparable to what you would find on other smartphones such on Apple’s iPhone or Google Android devices? Will the release of OS 6 and the new BlackBerry Torch be enough to drive back and attract customers to the Blackberry Platform?

Blackberry OS 6 will bring a lot of well-deserved and anticipated updates that Blackberry users have been demanding for quite some time now. Highlights include an improved search, webkit based browser with tabbed browsing, ability to add links to the home screen and HTML 5 support, better social networking with feed aggregation, a new and improved user interface as well media player and better multimedia support. Other features include better support for podcasting with a dedicated app, which allows users to wirelessly download and then listen to podcasts. Other new features and updates include: improved camera modes for better shots, an integrated YouTube application, a new viewing experience with five customizable views and a new Wi-Fi based media sync, which allows users to sync with their music library over their home network.

With the announcement of OS 6.0, RIM introduced the first device, which will run the new OS 6.0 software, called the Blackberry Torch. The device sports a slider design with a large 3.2-inch touch screen, trackpad and a large QWERTY keyboard. Along the back is a five megapixel camera and LED flash. BlackBerry is taking a new approach with the Torch being the first slider phone they have ever offered and the phone is exclusive to AT&T. Despite this, the phone seems to be plastered on posters all over AT&T stores nationwide. If you’re an existing BlackBerry owner, not into the sliding design or not ready to sign a new two year contract with AT&T, you’ll be glad to hear that OS 6.0 will be coming to current select BlackBerry devices with carrier approval. Compatible devices able to run the OS 6.0 software will be: the BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G, as well as future BlackBerry smartphones.

So keep your eyes peeled for the new OS 6.0 update, as it will bring many new features and OS enhancements. If the new Blackberry Torch 9800 interests you, it will available at AT&T stores and online starting August 12 for $199.99 with 2-year service agreement with AT&T.

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Mike Preble is a Blast Magazine staff writer.

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  1. Mike

    The answer is a big fat NO! When RIM decided that Storm2 customers are not good enough for the OS 6 upgrade, I as a consumer decided that I’m too good for RIM and will be switching over to Android ASAP. Really bad PR from RIM, the very least what they could have done was give Storm 2 users the webkit browser.

    Let’s face it, the Blackberry phones are dinosaurs comparing to what is out there, and bringing down the prices of Blackberry phones will only get them that far.

    One cannot take a brand seriously when it recommends to pull the battery everytime the phone freezes (which is very often). The scariest thing is that I have had two blackberry phones in my lifetime, both free from a friend. Even though they cost me nothing, I would still rather give them away and get an Android. Makes one think…

    • Victor

      I’ve fought getting an iPhone for the longest so my wife gets me an new iPod touch because my ancient iPod was on it’s last legs. The iPod touch uses iS04.

      After a couple of days w/iS04…

      WOW does BB OS blow, I mean WOW. iSO4 is on another planet!

      BB OS is dead to me now! I use my Storm as a phone only. I just don’t understand how BB’s OS can suck so much if they have iPhone OS as reference material.

      Get it together RIM. Seriously, go to the Apple store, buy and iPhone and make a really really bad bootleg copy of iS04 and it’ll be WAY better than crappy BB OS that’s out now.


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