The annual mecca for all things id Software, QuakeCon, kicks off in Dallas, Texas this Thursday August 12, and runs through August 15. Vying for their share of over $50,000 in prize money, top professionals will compete in the Intel-sponsored Quake Live Masters Championship and the Quake Live Capture the Flag Championship while up-and-coming players will have the opportunity to prove their gaming prowess in the Quake Live Open Tournament.

QuakeCon, which is free to the public, offers an unparalleled opportunity to see the greatest players in the world compete in highly-competitive tournaments. This year, attendees can now catch all of the intense gaming action up close in the newly created 250-seat tournament arena.  Top matches will be broadcast live each day of the competitions on large screens with simultaneous play-by-play commentary from this year’s shoutcasters who will capture all of the energy, excitement and behind-the-scenes drama, with live match coverage, player interviews and expert analysis.

The QuakeCon 2010 Tournament Lineup:

The Intel® QUAKE LIVE Masters Championship
The Intel QUAKE LIVE Masters Championship will feature known professionals and top QUAKE LIVE competitors in their own exclusive tournament. Sixty-four (64) of the world’s best QUAKE LIVE players will face-off in the 1 vs.1 duel for more than $25,000 in a double elimination bracket, with each match played in a best-of-three-games format.  With two competitors remaining, thousands will gather to watch as these two best-of-the-best survivors go head-to-head in a single elimination, best-of-five-games throw-down with a $14,000 check written to the champion.  Matches will feature a pool of five arenas.

The QUAKE LIVE Capture the Flag Championship
The Capture the Flag Championship will feature 4 vs. 4 competitions for up to 32 teams battling it out in a single elimination bracket and best-of three-games format using five arenas. Players who come out on top will share prizes of $25,000, including $14,000 for the team of champions.  Matches in the CTF tournament will feature five arenas.

The QUAKE LIVE Open Tournament
Available for up to 128 amateurs and up-and-coming competitors, the QUAKE LIVE Open will offer players a taste of the excitement and pressure of professional gaming. Battling for a share of $2,500, including $1,500 for the champion, players will compete in a single elimination bracket, with each match played in a best-of-three-games format.  Matches for the Open Tournament will feature the same five arenas as the Masters Championship.

Registration for the QUAKE LIVE Open Tournament is first come, first served on site at QuakeCon from 9:00am to noon CST on Thursday, August 12.

For official rules, requirements, prize money distribution, pool of arenas and additional information, please go to

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