EA Play has announced Create, an emergent gameplay title that’s a whole helluva lot like Little Big Planet, and is due out later this fall.

According to the press release, Create will encourage players to use their imagination. While playing, you’ll be able to build your own scenes with thousands of different objects. One will be able to unlock additional objects by *ahem* “being creative.” Now, if all of this sounds somewhat vague or too loose for you, you’ll be able to try the 100 plus challenges, all of which can be solved with-wait for it- your imagination!

Create is slated for a November release for the Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii, Mac and PC. The Ps3 version will support PlayStation Move, and every version except for the Wii will have online sharing capabilities, so you can trade your creations back n’ forth.

More on Create, and the official trailer, at: www.create.ea.com

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