SAN DIEGO — Toby Whithouse met with reporters at the 2010 San Diego Comic-con about his series, “Being Human.”

We asked Whithouse about the series’ journey and what to expect from season three, which is currently in production. For those who have not stayed up-to-date with the series, the last question will include spoilers about the end of Season two and the beginning of Season three.

QUESTION: There have been a lot of questions and concerns about the upcoming American version of "Being Human." As the creator of the series, how was this presented to you, and what are your thoughts on it paralleling the original?

TOBY WHITHOUSE: The notion of an American version came up so long ago. The thing about television is that the process is so unbelievably slow. So it was mentioned, probably after season one in the U.K. …I felt (I would) believe it when I saw it because it’s the kind of thing that gets (mentioned) occasionally to a lot of different shows. So I was skeptical about it, but then gradually more and more over time it became assured.

My involvement with the (American) show is very minimal, but I can honestly say I’m not too bothered by that because as you know we’re halfway through filming season three…I’m still writing season three literally while I’m still here in San Diego. I’m getting up in the morning, and writing their deaths….that’s a bit of a spoiler, I suppose. (smiles) Consequently, that’s a 24/7 job getting the U.K. version right. Also, the other thing, the SyFy guys know the market better than I do, so I’m happy to let them get on with it.
Personally, I’m looking forward to sitting there, and watching it as a fan. I’m excited about it.

Q: For the people who have seen the second season, what can you hint out about season three? Will it pick up where it left off or will some time have passed?

TW: I think there are a couple of weeks between each season. Well, what I can say is in season one the threat was supernatural in the form of Herrick, season two the threat is human, season three the threat comes from within.

Q: How far ahead do you have plan for season three?

TW: Well the thing is it’s really difficult in the U.K. because I know in the U.S. you can option your actors for four or five seasons. In the U.K we just don’t have the finance to do that really. So it’s kind of a nail-biting, nerve-wracking moment as we get to the end of each season. We begin to think, "Who are we going to have?" We’ve got this extraordinary cast, and we’re very blessed they’ve come back for three seasons. It’s impossible to plan any further or advanced than that (per season.) And every time we start a new season, the negotiations begin again.

Q: Are there going to be more supernatural elements added to the series?

TW: I must admit over the years people have said to me, and I’ve got friends of mine saying it too, "Oh God, you know what you need on the show? A witch! Or a zombie! Or a fairy!" So we got witch, zombie, and fairy…we never had a policy decision there wouldn’t be any other creatures. We just really couldn’t think of one…

In season three, for one night only, there is another creature. And the reason we decided, and felt we could do it is because thought of the "Being Human" way of doing it.

Q: Any of the creatures you mentioned? How far into the season?

TW: Hmmm….maybe. It will be in episode three (of season three.)

Q: There’s also a little attraction there between Annie and Mitchell

TW: I can’t possibly comment…but yeah, I think so. Perhaps tragically, there’s an element in Mitchell that would fit into Annie’s relationship history. She has not exactly made good choices. So yeah, why not go for a 120 year old mass murderer? It’s the next logical step after dating the guy who killed you.

Q: On that topic, Mitchell can experience physical love. How far can Annie?

TW: Um…well, they kissed once. All I’m going to say is episode four, season three. All the answers are there or maybe you’ll be answered with more questions.

WARNING: *SPOILER* SEASON TWO and THREE — If you have not seen the entire second season the following answer may reveal some spoiler information.

Q: We asked the cast this question but it’s as appropriate for you since you’re the writer. There’s been much speculation that Annie and Mitchell’s relationship is closer because of their association with death. Is there some truth to that? In the season two finale, there was a very guttural reaction between them. What are your thoughts on it?

TW: Well…this isn’t much of a spoiler but there is a line in the first episode of season three. We end season two with Annie trapped on the other side and Mitchell declaring he’s going to go and get her. And there’s a moment in the beginning of season three where they’re discussing this … George is nervous about Mitchell doing this and he says, "This is death. This is life and death we’re talking about…these things shouldn’t be messed with." And Mitchell says, "Me and Annie are already dead. It doesn’t get more messed with than that." I think you’re right, I think there is a connection between them on the basis of that…and also it’s the fact that both of them are going to exist forever in the state that they are … I think the notion of eternity screaming in front of them, which is quite a terrifying prospect, unites them.

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