The American army intelligence official accused of leaking classified material to Wikileaks has been transferred to Quantico Marine Base in Virginia.

Private first class Bradley Manning, 22, arrived on the base on Thursday from Kuwait, where he will be held while awaiting trial on charges of leaking military intelligence.

Manning faces four charges related to accusations that he leaked a classified video from 2007 showing an American helicopter gunning down civilians.

Manning is also suspected of further involvement with Wikileaks, namely in the recent release of more than 92,000 classified American war documents related to the war in Afghanistan.

In an online chat, Manning reportedly told a journalist that he leaked hundreds of thousands of U.S. military documents to Wikileaks after becoming “disillusioned” with U.S. foreign policy, according to the Associated Press.

The charges against Manning are severe enough to warrant a life sentence, Al Jazeera reports.

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, calls Manning a “political” prisoner and alleges that the U.S. military is keeping him in detention to prevent further documents being released.

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