Blast recently had the pleasure of speaking with a bartender. So what you say? Well slappy, this bartender happens to have posed for a little periodical recently. Playboy.

The Bar was Whiskey’s on Boylston Street. The girl was Bethanie Badertschel (Don’t try and pronounce it phonetically. You’ll bleed out your ears).

BLAST: Let’s just get the normal interview standards out of the way first. How old are you?


BLAST: Where are you from originally?

BB: Tucson, Arizona.

BLAST: Was this the first time you’ve posed wearing only your vagina for a public forum?

BB: Well, Playboy was my first nude photo shoot. But I’ve posed for some of their stuff before. Some college editions. Some Cyber Girl stuff. Other pictorials with them.

BLAST: Since you’ve appeared in Playboy in the past, safe to say your family knows about the spreads?

BB: Well yeah, they know I’ve posed. They haven’t seen the spreads, though! Weird, haha!

BLAST: Knowing that, how many guys do you think your dad has slugged in the jaw, with the assumption they’ve seen his daughter’s naughty bits?

BB:Oh yeah. There’s like, a couple of guys still in the hospital because of the damage he did!

BLAST: Multiple choice: “I’m only doing these photo shoots to pay my way through: A — College. B — The pricey divorce, or C — The overwhelming Valium addiction.”

BB: Haha! College!

BLAST: Was that answer legit? Are you enrolled out here?

BB: Yeah I’m going to UMass for Computer Science.

BLAST: Do you have a lot of experience with computer stuff?

BB: Well, I’m kind of a self-proclaimed computer nerd. When my brothers were outside playing, I would be inside gaming it up!

BLAST: Right. Are you just saying that to appeal to the gamer demographic?

BB: No! I really do know my way around a computer, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. It makes me more appealing to that demographic.

BLAST: Now you earn money for your upcoming indebtedness to school loans by tending bar at Whiskey’s on Boylston Street, correct?

BB:Yeah, I’ve worked there for almost two years now.

BLAST: Have you noticed you’re tips decreasing steadily since the issue’s release, since, you know, you basically took all the guesswork away from every guy that comes in now?

BB Naw, I’m a star bartender, through and through!

BLAST: Will you start following the “Playmate Template,” consisting of: 1) Spread for Playboy 2) Date Hugh Hefner 3) Get reality show on E! 4) Break up with Hef  5) Get impregnated by a large black man?

BB: No! That’s a really common misconception about playmates!

Bethanie Badertscher can be seen wearing a whole lot of nothing in the August issue of Playboy. She can also be seen wearing significantly more clothing for her job at Whiskey’s at Back Bay.  Bring money. Hot bartenders usually cost more to act interested in you.

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Mark Cerbo is a Blast correspondent

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