It’s so hot outside. You just want to take off all your clothes, right?


That was how an 18-year-old Vermont woman decided to cope with the hazy, hot, humid weather this week. She got naked and took a walk around the streets of Montpelier on Monday afternoon with a male companion.

The dude left his clothes on.

According to, a “flurry” of phone calls came into the Montpelier Police around 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

But it’s not illegal to walk naked in Vermont.

“As long as they’re not exhibiting any kind of overt gestures or communicating any kind of lewd act, then they’re within their rights — if we’ll use that word — to do that,” Montpelier Police Sergeant Neil Martel told the local news site. “We watched her and there wasn’t anything going on that would have violated the ordinance. … She just said it was a hot day, I guess, and she was taking a walk.”

No pics.

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