There are few things more frustrating for tech dorks like myself, than trying to squeeze in multiple power bricks into a single surge protecting power strip. There’s never enough space to plug in everything, and often (at least in my case) it usually leads to bouts of cursing, and hate filled stubbornness along the lines of “forcing the square peg into the round hole”.

Well thanks to Quirky’s Pivot Power, you’ll no longer have to worry about turning into a rage filled maniac when you’re trying to plug in your gear, as they’ve designed a completely flexible power strip that assures that all of those horribly shaped power bricks don’t hog up all of the space. The Pivot Power easily bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig zag shapes, enabling it to fit into tight spaces and wrap around furniture and corners.

Awesome, right? Of course it is. My only question is, is why in the hell did it take until 2010 for something like this to be developed?! Regardless of the answer, it’s not available just quite yet, but the development phase of this product did just wrap up and you’re able to pre-order it now via Quirky’s online store, for just $23.00

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