MIAMI — The food is uniformly good here.

We started with the zucchini fritter ($7), really more like a pancake, crusty on the outside, soft and almost like a puree inside, fine texture and taste grilled sucuk (or sujuk), a chorizo ($8), but Turkish or from the Balkans, very strong and intense flavor in a densely packed sausage sliced and then grilled.

Try the kefti ($8), considered to be meatballs, but here served like small hamburger patties, perfectly cooked shrimp Ouzo ($11), saut©ed shrimp — large and firm, not at all over or undercooked, in a delectable cheese and tomato sauce with herbs main plate of 4 lamb loin chops chops on a bed of long grain rice each individual grain of which seemed to be cooked to order—never had such good rice, $19).

4312 NE Second Ave.

Dessert? Get the thinly layered chocolate cake with an icing that reminded me of chocolate pudding. Beyond compare.

The food is good and consistent any time of day. There’s no A-team for dinner and B-team for lunch here.

Finally, a bottle of Botalcura sauvignon blanc is a mere $26. Wine by the glass is $7

Can’t miss the place—painted in that distinctive bright blue that dominates the Greek flag. Only 4 tables in the tiny inside area, with most of the seating outside under shade trees with fans. Very Key West in feeling.

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