LOS ANGELES — Crave games has teamed up with Discovery Communications and are coming out with two exciting games based off of two of their popular TV shows, Man vs. Wild and Deadliest catch: Sea of Chaos. Both games are both in the early stages of development and are being made for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3.

The Man vs. Wild game promises staying very true to the show thanks in part to Bear Grylls, the star of the show. He has been very involved in the making of the game. Not only has he been helping in the development to make sure things look as real as possible, but he has also done full voice overs for the game. There are over 80 animals and 50 insects and all of them behave the way they should in the wild. Overall there are going to be five levels in this game, the Rockies, Everglades, Sahara Desert, a South Pacific Jungle Island and the South American Patagonia Mountains. The game is a role playing adventure game where you will survive in the wilderness and maintain the vitals of your character (Bear Grylls). There will be challenges throughout the game and you will do things like build fires, and cook your food. Keep in mind that if you cook your fish you will gain more energy than if you eat it raw. This adventure game is slated to ship in November.

We did have some problems with the game during a hands-off demonstration at E3. The visuals are a bit dated, and there’s a “freefall” scene where you appear to be standing still and not moving at all as you supposedly plummet toward the earth.

Deadliest Catch Sea of Chaos is a "game interpretation of crab fishing." There are three kinds of activities you must complete in this game, strategy, timing, accuracy. A little disappointing in the fact that you do not actually play as the characters from their show or their boats, but if you know the show you will recognize that the ships are modeled off the Northwestern, the Wizard and the Time Bandit. They are hoping to get a fourth ship into the game but due to the recent tragedy, the death of the Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, it may not be possible.

Our favorite mini game was the "Head to Head with Sig Hanson,” where you go at it and see if you can catch as many crab as Sig Hanson did (modeled off his massive catch in Season Two). In this game you will hire your crew (all strategy as the better ones are going to want more money, older ones need more rest etc…) set sail, set pots, retrieving pots and sort your crab. You also must work with or against the other captains out in the Bering Sea and deal with the always changing weather.

Tiny Boston developer Double Tap Games is making this one.

John M. Guilfoil and Carly Erin O’Neil of the Blast staff contributed to this report.

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  1. sanjeev

    i hope this will be amazing game. para gliding and wild and river crossing will be to amazing.

  2. Sami

    I like man vs. wild as well as Bear Grylls. So I wish the game will create an adventure in our mind like what Brear Grylls feels

  3. jose luis

    the game stay for PSP too please, PSP is the better machine portatil in the world, please thegame man vs wild in PSP


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