Blast's Bradley Ouellette takes it for a spin

Blast's Bradley Ouellette takes it for a spin

LOS ANGELES — Gaming accessories company CTA has just come out with a fun new toy to accompany Mario Kart Wii, Need for Speed, Sonic, and Sega All-Stars Racing, and any of the other Wii racing games.

This inflatable racing cart can support 300 pounds and has a steering wheel that your Wii remote can fit into. This is a great accessory for children but also for adults: it’s pretty comfortable and gets you into the game just a little bit more.

At the CTA booth at E3 they had a child demoing the inflatable cart, and he seemed to love the cart, as did the adults that tried it out. The inflatable cart is also Wii Motion Plus compatible and costs $39.99. These inflatable carts are available at places such as BestBuy, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys ‘R Us, and online at Target. CTA also has many other great gaming accessories for the Wii Fit, like the rowing machine, weighted gloves, and adjustable dumbbell weights. You can check out all their products online.

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