With cell phones getting "smarter", faster, and multitasking-ier, the need for them to be more mobile is inherent.  With every evolution of the cell phone, each generation seems to get smaller and lighter in order to appeal to our sleek society.  Unfortunately, having a phone, smaller and thinner than the wallet of a BP executive means you might forget it somewhere (and GOD FORBID we leave the house to grab a 40 of Mickey’s and leave our celli behind).

This is precisely the dilemma which spawned: BRINGRR

The idea, conceived in 2009 by James Logan, was to solve the common problem of leaving your phone at home, at the store, at a bar, or that one time with the stripper in the VIP room.  The idea behind the gadget is that if used, you will no longer have to fear "Mercedes" is making long distance calls to her family in Taiwan on your dime.

By plugging the device into the power port or lighter outlet of your car, any Bluetooth enabled phone is now "tracked" by the Bringrr system.  Once the car is started, Bringrr, paired with your phone, searches for it in your car.  If you have the phone on you, the light on the device turns blue and distinctively chimes, assuring that you still have your precious.  If you did, in fact forget it, say, inside that girl’s house, you never would have driven all the way to Dighton before realizing.  If the paired phone is not found in the vicinity of your car’s interior, Bringrr turns red, and a different chime is heard.

The Product is due to hit the shelves mid-July. You can purchase your very own "Cell phone Rememberer" at www.bringrr.com for $35.

For as many times as I have had to cancel my plan, change my number, and get a new phone, due to my own drunken stupidity, this product is definitely worth its weight in rupees.

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