Sadly, we can’t say we’re surprised. But the most recent Bachelor, On The Wings of Love’s pilot, Jake Pavelka and fiance Vienna Girardi call it quits, after only a few months since the season finale aired, naming Girardi the winner over contestant Tenley Molzahn.

According to Entertainment, a rep from last season’s The Bachelor announced earlier today that the couple had ended their relationship, stating that "Jake and Vienna have split. They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."

While no official reason was given for the break-up, it isn’t hard to see why this didn’t work out.  The Bachelor and Bachelorette currently have 20 seasons between them, and only a handful of successfully paired couples.

We can only hope that current Bachelorette Ali (a cast off of Jake’s Bachelor’s season) fairs better with her quest for love on reality TV.  And that the break-up doesn’t mean a Bachelorette cameo for Jake in the midst.

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