Don’t wait until danger and destruction are imminent to ensure you have the provisions needed to keep you, your family and your property as safe and secure as possible.  Whether preparing for a natural or man-made disaster, it’s imperative Americans don’t simply cover the bare necessities like batteries and canned goods, or wait until a situation is at hand to seek out the necessary provisions.  Take the time to thoroughly plan and shop in advance so you are fully, not partially, prepared for an emergency.

While it’s of utmost importance to have the fundamentals in place relative to food, water, medication, communication and transportation, there are a number of other important factors to consider when safeguarding the homestead.  Every household has stacks of important papers that are difficult, in some cases virtually impossible, to replace, such as insurance policies, medical records, birth certificates, legal documents, passports, computer data, automobile and home ownership documents.  Jewelry, medications, and other valuable items also require waterproof, secure protection, and those who own such items would be well-served by ensuring they are safe and secure during a disaster, those natural and otherwise.

Consider this assortment of "next level" emergency preparedness tips, gadgets and gear:

Briggs and Stratton Storm Ready Kit: As a storm approaches, power outages are not uncommon. And, after a storm passes, electricity may not be available for hours, days, or even weeks. Living without electric power is challenging, but if you are prepared with a generator appropriate for home use, you don’t have to suffer through dark nights or food supplies without refrigeration. "Briggs and Stratton Storm Ready Kit" is one good option, as it includes a 25-foot panel extension cord that is rated at 30 amps, two quarts of SAE 30 engine oil to keep your generator purring, and two packets of fuel stabilizer. There is also a large storage cover made of nylon with a drawstring bottom to protect the generator when not in use.

Pelican SabreLite 2000: This medium duty flashlight has a lightweight body made of Lexan resin, and a laser spot Xenon lamp. This durable flashlight is completely submersible in water. Package includes belt spring clip, stainless steel split ring and black lanyard. Requires 2 C-cell batteries (not included).

Pelican Protector Case: To safeguard important documents, data, and valuables, seek watertight, dust proof, chemical resistant, and corrosion proof storage containers. Many sturdy cases are on the market, including the popular Pelican Protector Case that is made of Ultra High Impact structural copolymer, which makes it particularly strong and durable.

Cable-Safe Complete Cable Manager: With a hurricane comes water, which all too often seeps indoors creating a flood situation. In a flood, cables, power adapters, power strips, hubs, modems and other small devices are at great risk.  Readily lift these items off the floor and put safely out of harm’s way with cable management products such as the Cable-Safe Complete Cable Manager – an extremely effective and inexpensive way to loop, tie and hang cabling and wiring off the floor.

*** Surface Raceway Cord Covers: Of course, with any exposed wiring, power cords and cabling for use with generators and other devices come safety risks. Poised and ready to trip all who pass, exposed power cords, cables and wires are far more than an unsightly. Fortunately, cord cover systems are available to keep passersby from tripping on loose cables and wires running across a walkway. Cord protectors cover, hide, and protect cords and cables while keeping floors clear and safe. They also lie flat, and stay flat, and are decidedly easy to install.

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