LOS ANGELES — Speaking with Ubisoft associate producer Jean Francois Boivin, Blast was able to see the new Assassin’s Creed game, called Assassins Creed brotherhood, which comes out this November.

There is a full single player campaign, which was shown but not playable at E3 this year. The game takes place in the city of Forli, after the Events of Assassins Creed 2, where Ezio attacked the Pope. The Pope has come after Ezio. He has to now defend the city of Forli. The game uses the Caterina Sforza, who Ezio is currently sleeping with, who was historically in charge of Forli.

The story focuses again on the Apple of Eden, and its ability to control the minds of people. Through this, the game focuses on the battles between the Assassins and the Knights Templar.

The game uses more transportation methods. Horses will now be able to joust, and the player can use Flying Machines.

Ubisoft says there will be some 20,000 Non-Playable Characters, and a Hud Display showing, showing info such as how many people are left alive in the game.

The game was also designed to be more to have a faster attack system, so it’s not so much defensive oriented. Boivin, showed Ezio moving through the city, using ropes to fly up the side of buildings, and shooting the attacking forces with cannons, blowing up siege tools.

We were then able to actually play the multiplayer part of the new game. The game allows each player to select a character to play as, and what special abilities they want to use. The level is populated with many NPC’s for each player that is in the game. So walking around you will see three or four of the same character walking around on the screen. Each player is given a target of another player in the game, if a player is good, they might even have multiple people targeting them. So you have to sneak up on your target, trying not to alert them that you are not a NPC, and at the same time, not alert the person targeting you that you’re a real person.

This situation made it interesting in the game, that often when you kill your target, by killing them you expose yourself, and get killed by the person targeting you. There is also help in the radar that will point in the direction of your target. The radar is represented as a circle, with a highlighted section pointing in the direction of your target. The section highlighted gets bigger as you get closer to your target, until your near the other player, and then it’s a full circle. This means that it will get you close to your target, but not identify the exact person if there is multiple of the same character on the screen at the same time.

If you are seen then, you can run and hide. If you hide long enough the player looking for you will lose their target, and get a new one and a new player will be assigned to get you. The game allows you to hide in haystacks and use doors to slow down your pursuer. Likewise if the person your pursuing runs, you have to catch up with them before you lose the.

The game looks like its multiplayer will be the main selling point with the single player missions as a nice added bonus.

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